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“Samantha Blain is chirpily persistent and bursting with energy as Random Fan”  - nytheatrenow


“Samatha Blain as Random Fan gets the star-struck role just right while engendering a certain individuality to the role of Fan Club President; she successfully avoids playing a stock stereotype.” -Nytheatreguide                  


“The music is further bolstered by the phenomenal, distinctive voices of the 10-person ensemble” -nytheatrenow


“The strength of the show goes all the way through a cast whose every member can sing, dance and act (the triple threat that makes musical theatre such a challenge)” -NYtheatreguide



"Creatively staged using hand-held lighting and small props..."- Behind the Curtain Cincinnati


"Two musicians, on bass and violin, add to the mood and at times offer some familiar adventuring music."- Behind the Curtain Cincinnati

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